We are thrilled that you are considering The Macon Coliseum and/or Macon City Auditorium for your next  event and strive to make your experience with us as simple and successful as possible. And it all starts with a simple phone call.  After asking you a few easy questions such as your space and date requirements as well as the type of event you are hosting, we will look on our books to see if we can accommodate you and, if so, will provide you with an application for date hold. Once approved by Coliseum and Auditorium management, your date will be placed on hold. However, a venue contract, along with requested deposit and proof of artist(s), is required before your event can be confirmed and put on sale.

Contact the Assistant General Manager:

Brian Martin


Once your contract is signed, deposit paid and proof of artist(s) supplied, venue management and our Box Office Manager will work with you to come up with a mutually-agreed upon date of sale and appropriate ticket scaling for the booked venue. Please note that while your desires will be considered greatly in setting an on-sale date, venue management will make the final decision based on other traffic and scheduled on-sales, using acceptable industry standards as its guide. Please also note that the Macon Coliseum and Macon City Auditorium are official TicketMaster venues and, by contract, all tickets must be sold through our box office and the TicketMaster system.

Contact the Box Office:

Rod Freeman


As the event draws closer, you will advance your show with our Director of Events, who will be happy to assist you with facility technical and production needs, catering needs, sound and lighting and any other facility-related detail necessary for your successful event.

Contact the Director of Events:

Brenda Thompson


With award-winning facilities, a full-service box office and Ticketmaster ticketing services along with a top-notch, experienced staff and more than two-thirds of the state’s population living within an hour’s drive, we are confident that we can get those box office phones ringing and those ticket machines purring.

Contact the Director of Marketing:

Tyler Gambrell