Chef’s Corner

Meet the Macon Centreplex Executive Chef! Chef Amelia DeAngio is originally from Norfolk, Virginia. She has lived in numerous states, including Hawaii, California, Colorado, and North Carolina. Amelia graduated from Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she quickly learned to love the catering and events side of food service. Her favorite food is her father’s homemade pizza, but also has been known to eat her weight in chips and salsa. Amelia lives in Macon with her dog, Gouda, and cats, Olive and Asiago.

The Chef’s Corner is a place for you to find fun and delicious recipes, tips, and kitchen tricks that you can try at home. Some of these are featured items sold in the Macon Coliseum and Macon City Auditorium concession areas, some are specialized for our private catering events, and some are just trusted favorites of Chef Amelia. We hope you enjoy and feel that creative spark to get in your kitchen and give one – or more – of these recipes a go! So from our kitchen to yours, Chef’s Corner Recipes!

MONSTER COOKIES [Originally showcased at Monster Jam at the Macon Coliseum]

GRILLED CHEESE [National Grilled Cheese Day]

SOURDOUGH BREAD [National Grilled Cheese Day Bonus Recipe]

PIMENTO CHEESE SPREAD [Southern Burger at the Macon Coliseum]

CAST IRON PIZZA [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]

NO BAKE CEREAL BARS [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]


BANANA PUDDING [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]

VANILLA WAFERS [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]

TOMATO JAM [Southern Burger at the Macon Coliseum]

SUNDRIED TOMATOES [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]

ICED COFFEE [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]

SCONES [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]

BOLOGNESE SAUCE [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]

FALAFEL [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]

BANANA MUFFINS [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]

WAFFLE CONE S’MORES [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]

SAVORY CHEESECAKE [National Cheesecake Day]

KITCHEN TIPS & TRICKS PART 1 [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]

HUSHPUPPIES [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]

CHOCOLATE GRAVY [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]

BUTTERMILK BISCUITS [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]

ROASTED SWEET POTATO [38 Special Catering Menu]

CHICKEN GINGER SOUP [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]

PORK GREEN CHILI [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]


SESAME CHICKEN [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]

HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]

GINGERBREAD HOUSE [Chef Amelia’s Kitchen]

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