Fundraising Opportunities

Spectra, operator of the Macon Coliseum & Macon City Auditorium, wants to help you raise funds for your worthwhile cause.

Our Non-Profit Organization (NPO) program is perfect for:

  • Student Groups, Fraternities, Sororities
  • Sports Teams
  • Booster Clubs, Schools
  • Churches, Veterans Groups
  • Community Organizations

 What we’re looking for:

Non-Profit Organizations such as high school booster clubs, teams, church and community organizations interested in raising significant funds for their causes.

 What you provide:

  • Commitment
  • Enthusiasm
  • Smiling Faces that are 18 years of age or older


The information below gives  you an overview of the information you need to become part of the Non-Profit Volunteer Team with Spectra at the Macon Coliseum & Macon City Auditorium.

Here are answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions

What does my group need to get started?

  • Committed, service-oriented volunteers who are at least 18 years of age.
  • Certification that the organization is a non-profit, tax exempt organization as defined in Section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • A designated group leader, who will be our main contact and in charge of your group during planning, training and event days.

Do you provide training?

  • Yes, all volunteers will attend orientation/training classes which include proper service, hospitality training and instructions on how to operate equipment.

What are the report times for each event?

  • To provide great service to our fans we generally get started about 2 1/2 hours before the event begins. Length of events vary, but most volunteers should be finished within one hour or less after the event concludes. The more organized you are the less time it takes to conclude the day.

How many people will we need?

  • Each of our locations has minimum staffing requirements. We recommend that you plan on not more than 75% of the folks, willing to participate, to be able available for the season. This will ensure you always have enough people to cover life’s occurrences; illness, family occasions and such.

 What type of work will our group be expected to perform?

  • Our volunteer groups perform several different tasks for our fans but mostly as cashiers and food expeditors [handing ordered food and beverage to the guest].

 Do you provide uniforms?

  • We provide shirts. Team members are expected to come ready to work in proper uniform which consists of: uniform shirt, black slacks, black, closed toe, rubber soled, slip resistant shoes, black belts and socks. Jeans, sandals or open toed shoes are not permitted.

How much can we earn for our cause?

  • Your group will earn a 10% commission off the sales for the stand you work. How much your group can earn is dependent upon several factors including; the size / number of volunteers, stand location and sales per location.

If you are interested, please email [email protected]

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